I am an environmental scientist in my thirties, I have studied geography and philosophy as minor subjects. I have been an environmental activist since I was young. According to an old German definition of geography, the environment is everything that is around us; it has a psychological, ecological, built and social dimension. Environmental protection is my dream field; it is extremely important to me that the environment in which we live and exist is healthy, safe, creative and comfortable in all respects. I am comfortable both in a comfortable urban city space and in beautiful natural areas.

Sustainable development, both ecological and social, should be taken into account in all decision-making. Sustainable communities are happy, democratic, inclusive, prosperous, free, equal, and protect nature and valuable cultural heritage. They take care of the weak, the sick and the disadvantaged. Sustainable communities are built together. In this blog I discuss the environment and society and I hope that it will increase people's environmental awareness and social awareness. I think about and present solutions to the world's problems and analyze various developments. We must protect our own species as well as other species, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

I enjoy traveling, going to the movies, everything related to nature and outdoors, games, various sports and music. For example, I've hiked in the mountains in a fog forest, frolicked on the sand dunes, climbed the Saana fell and traveled on three of the world's oldest subways. I have also published one book of poetry and written over 300 Wikipedia articles. Life should be full of experiences and adventure.

Contact: danielelkama1@outlook.com

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