The most dangerous persons on Earth, TOP-5

The most dangerous people in the world right now is the topic of this blog post. The state of the world has changed a lot in the last ten years. In the past, the most dangerous would definitely have included terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by US special forces Navy Seal in 2011, and Middle Eastern dictators such as Saddam Hussein, who, according to the CIA, wanted a nuclear bomb and bought uranium for this from Kazakhstan. However, Al Qaeda and Isis were almost defeated in the West's war on terrorism, and the Arab Spring took power from many dictators. The famous Russian "merchant of death", Viktor Bout, who sold weapons to all the unknown parties, terrorists and dictators who would only pay for him, ended up behind bars. Many large companies operating in the economy and their managers are also dangerous in their unethical business.

However, in the current world order, the biggest risk is the outbreak of a large-scale international conflict, the biggest threat is the third world war. The world order that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 took away the fear of nuclear war for a while, however Russia's highly aggressive policy that started again 20 years later led to the end of a more peaceful era. Here I present the top-5 list of the most dangerous people in the world. The list would be enough, but these 5 stand out clearly.

5) Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel's long-time leader craves an authoritarian position and has narrowed Israel's democracy with strong actions. Israel's democracy is in danger and there are strong protests in the country. Netanyahu leads Israel's far-right government, and is removing power from the country's Supreme Court. Israel oppresses the Palestinians and establishes settlements in the territory given to the Palestinians under the UN mandate. This has led to the explosiveness of the area. Even a small mistake in the powder keg of the Middle East can lead to a world war, possibly fought with nuclear weapons. The state of Israel has a right to exist: the country is an important refuge for the Jewish people who experienced the Holocaust (which killed 6 million people). Israel has been progressive in many respects. However, the current policy is aggressive and far-right and violates human rights. Permanent peace is needed in the Middle East, which is especially important for the UN to promote.
4) Recep Erdogan. Turkey's autocratic dictator, who has e.g. the world's largest palace and one of the world's strongest conscription armies, leads his country with a heavy hand and has taken his country in an extreme nationalist and Islamist direction. Civil rights have been curtailed and dissidents are thrown into prison. Erdogan is bombing the Kurds in an eternal war, and he also dreams of a "caliphate" and restoring the geopolitical power of the Ottoman Empire in the volatile Middle East. The big problem is that Erdogan's Turkey is a NATO country, and because of NATO's principle of consensus, Erdogan is able to do his own thing and prevent and slow down the acceptance of Finland and Sweden's NATO membership. Erdogan acts like a bazaar trader who seeks maximum profit for himself and has secret deals with Putin. With his actions, Erdogan endangers the security of Northern Europe or the whole of Europe, and his actions can cause a conflict between NATO and Russia.

3) Xi Jinping. China's autocratic dictator has already ruled the country autocratically for 11 years, and China's more open policy has narrowed during his rule. China is a dystopian dictatorship where human rights are trampled upon. China's communist system is straight out of Orwell's 1984. People are scored socially and monitored all the time. Dissidents are persecuted. In the north, China is carrying out a genocide of the Uighurs. Xi is eyeing Taiwan, where China's real democratic government has existed since the 1940s. An attack on Taiwan would lead to Western intervention and possibly a world war. Xi has been rapidly equipping the Chinese army and, for example, China's first air base has been built, which could be used for an attack on Taiwan.

2) Donald Trump. Donald Trump was first considered a media clown and a money-hungry playboy, but he turned out to be a powerful authoritarian and far-right leader. At the end of his term, Donald Trump attempted a revolution on Capitol Hill and even stole nuclear weapons documents that the FBI found in his Florida mansion. Donald Trump's protectionist "America First" policy led to poor relations with Europe, the weakening of NATO, and ultimately enabled Putin's military campaign against Ukraine and Europe. If Trump comes to power for a second presidential term, he could endanger American democracy and the United States would become an authoritarian far-right state. Trump's rise to power could help Russia's power aspirations and lead to an expansion of Putin's war and a world war. Trump's entire rise to power was partially assisted by Russia, and Trump can be considered a Russian agent.
1) Vladimir Putin. The most dangerous man in the world is definitely Putin, who aims to restore the geopolitical power of the Soviet Union to Russia. Putin believes that he is fighting for a multipolar and pluralistic world against the integration, unity and globalization of the West, although in reality Putin just wants to create an empire, as the "Tsar" he is. Putin has been autocratic from the beginning and has oppressed the Russian people and numerous other peoples living in Russia for 20 years, at the latest around the time of the annexation of Crimea in 2014, he has begun to seek Russian domination in Europe. Putin would not stop in Ukraine and maybe not even in Germany. Putin's crazy actions could still lead to a large-scale conflict between NATO and Russia and a nuclear war.


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