Science, economy, consumption and environmental degredation

The development of natural science is the basis for new innovations and the development of technology. The development of technology is basis for economical growth, energy consumption and population growth. The biggest single factor in economical growth is the development of techonology. All of these, economical growth, energy cosumption, population growth and the development of science are directly proportional and they increase one another. Natural science basically creates economical growth and through growing energy and food production (that is also producing energy) and medical science it has made possible current enormous human population. Economy grows especially when energy production and consumption grow. Energyproduction has grown exponentially since the Ancient Age and the economy has been directly proportional to it. The growth of energy production allows bigger consumption and continuously  larger scale production of goods. Who rules the energy resources and energy production, rules the economy. In modern world the most important energy resource is oil. That is why there are wars because of oil and the wealthiest people on Earth own oil resources. From all resources, oil prices make most fluctuation inclobal economy.

The environmental degredation, emissions and global temperature are directly proportional to development of science and technology and growth in population, energy consumption and economy until some point in which natural science has reached a certain high level in which we have developed enough methods to protect nature and created much green technology, new clean energy production including wind and solar energy, new agroecological cultivation methods etc. So it is possible that science can save the world, if we take care of its development, education and enlightment. I do not mean only natural science but also philosophy and arts. If the development of ethics, philosophy, psychology and social sciences fall behind, there will be a big risk of misuse, destruction and suffering. Nuclear power and nuclear warfare and harnessing of fossil fuels are examples of big mistakes man has made. Actually during thousands of years, the development of natural science and technology has lead to increasing environmental problems and degredation and during last 200 years exponentially increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing rising temperatures and climate change. In the last decades scientist have noticed that high level of science decreases environmental degradation. In the moden named Kutznet’s Curve it is showed that the reason is high level economy but in my model it is science instead of economy.

Now we are in that point in history in which the development of science will reach more and more the accurste truth and wisdom about the world in this asymptote graph in the picture, and we can use that wisdom to repair our old mistakes, create new clean technology and a better world for us and the creation. Environmental degredation, global population and global temperatures are currently starting to decrease (the parable) or will start to decrease in the future. At first the development of science increase the global population and environmental problems degredation etc. but in some point they begin to decrease when science continues its development and it will never stop. It will reach the truth more and more accurate over time (the asymptote graph getting closer the truth). One big reason to this phenomenon is that when we are getting closer the ecological carrying point of nature, humanity is forced to find the way to survive in ecological crisis and to develope new clean technology. Otherwise our society and human race would disappear in the fight against natural hazards like climate change, water shortage, air pollution etc. Other big reason is that we have so much knowledge then we can use. The level of knowhow has increased enormously over time. It is notable that also in countries of clean high tech and high level of science and education, it is possible that the society is going backwards in human progress. Especially lack of development in ethics and justice can cause serious slowing down in positive progress. This model of me shows how things will evolve in specific conditions and when the situation is ideal when we look the development of science and human progress, and this model is very simple. No model is perfect, all of the describe the world simplifying it. There are also many other models and laws of nature and society working at the same time. But this model is one of the most important we can use when creating a sustainable society.

Energy consumption can continue increasing until we reach a certain stable and sustainable level (this is also asymptote graph) and at the same time the environmental degredation decreases. This also allows green economic growth because economy is very strongly linked in energy consumption. This disconnection of economic growth and energy consumption and environmental degredation is possible because of infinite energy resources provided by the sun and wind and the ocean and other forces of nature. There is almost infinite amount of renewable energy we can use, especially wind and solar power. We use only a small fraction of the energy the sun and wind provides us. The combination of these two sources of energy would save the Earth and create a basis to a sustainable society

Daniel Elkama


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