Memes ignite wars and stakes and bring peace and harmony

The meme is not originally some silly picture of a frog. A meme is the equivalent of a gene in culture. As life is coded with genes, our psyche and our culture, which is created and controlled by the psyche, is coded with memes. A meme is a human-created cultural copy that appears and repeats itself in thinking, language, science, art or other human activities.

Memes form a direct continuum from antiquity to the present, some are ancient, such as "mother earth" or even concepts about the world that are in the basic structure of our minds. Without memes, we could not create, learn or pass on our culture and world view. Without memes, there would be no culture. Culture is generally defined as people's learned thought structures, practices and their outputs. Communication would not be possible without memes. All words are memes. Memes can serve good, human life, learning, science and art, but equally evil, such as some evil political ideology such as Nazism or Communism. Often the same symbol can mean either good or bad depending on the context, audience and convention. The swastika, for example, originally depicted the movement of the constellation Otava in the sky and thus symbolized, for example, the cycle of the year and the continuity of life for the ancient Greeks and Indians. The Nazis can be said to have ruined the meaning of this symbol.

Memes are symbols and archetypes, such as the cross, star, Finnish flag and lion, mandala, jester, scientist, mother earth, troll or wisdom, which guide the development of our culture. Often they are a whole with a symbol, sign and meaning. They can be returned to the basic structures of our mind, some of which have been invented in science and art and other human activities based on previous ones, and some of which have always been there. All culture is built on previous culture. Memes maintain human survival, learning ability and psychological health and our entire culture. Memes are the code of psyche and culture, like DNA is the code of life. There are memes for both good and bad. The memes we create encode the future, either good or bad. The meaning and power of symbols and words is limitless. Words and symbols create beauty. Words and symbols ignite wars and bring peace.

Psychologist Carl Jung proposed that in our mind there are various ancient or always-existing archetypes and symbols that create the basis for our thinking, psyche and all its activities. All more advanced memes are based on these "primes" or "source code". Our minds are written in this code language. Our whole mind works on the basis of these memes.

The danger is that this code language is misused. We, our minds, can be programmed with malware and negative memes, our minds can be controlled and manipulated by symbols. This is how the Nazis, communists and, for example, today's large international companies operate. We can be programmed to worship a crazy dictatorship and ideology, religion, money or to buy and spend more on useless things and products. A brand is often based on the fact that a person is conditioned to believe that a brand is awesome. This is how, for example, advertisements control and program our minds. In politics this corresponds to propaganda. In Jung's classic example, the Nazis showed pictures of Hitler as a knight. This activated the "noble knight" archetype in our minds and shaped people's beliefs about Hitler. With the help of symbols, a person can be raised to be good and honorable or greedy, a thief and a monster. Knowing the language of code helps us free ourselves from conditioning and manipulation.

Knowledge is power and, like fire, it is useful in good hands and dangerous in bad ones. Fire can be used to cook porridge, but also to kill people with firearms and explosives. Whoever controls knowledge pretty much controls the world. Memes can be used to create good and build a better world or to destroy, exploit, enslave and create a dystopia.


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